It was a blast, and it is a shame: the world’s first unFIXcon is over now. But we have something to remember it by: the slides from the speaker’s presentations, a little movie and the “icon song” that sent us to each and every break. Oh, and we truly need some feedback from you, please!

This page is updated regularly while the speaker’s decks are coming in, so check back often.

First: Retrospective Video

Enjoy some 90 seconds of remembering these two days we spent together. It was such a nice, warm atmosphere – and you were a part of the magic that happened!

Second: Speaker’s slides

Here you can download the slide decks from our speakers and – where available – the photocols of the workshops.

Just click on the speaker’s name to download the PDF.

(If a file is missing, the name stays black, without a link. Then return maybe tomorrow and check if we received something new.)

Interception: Icon Song

Every break started with a song from a young artist from Hamburg, Germany. His name is Linooze, he is a composer, a drummer and a music producer. The song is called “Interception”, starts with a mellow piano and then moves on to a vivid house beat. You can hear it also in the movie. We loved it.

If you like it too, give it a thumbs up and add it to your playlist. You find links to all major music platforms here:


Third: Feedback, please!

Next year’s unFIXcon deserves to be even better than this year’s! But for that, we need your feedback. Please be so kind and give us five minutes of your time: