The road toward any new organizational system is riddled with pitfalls. Most of them stem from human behavior. We are supposed to manage systems and not people. We all know that since Management 3.0. This is the right idea, but it is not entirely true.

In Jaana’s experience, successful implementation of transformation fails most often because of a lack of leadership. Leaders are people. Not systems.

Leadership is key. Behaviour is key. Your actions as a leader matter, communication is crucial. Everything you say and everything you don’t say matters. We constantly underestimate the importance of communication, because everybody believes he/she speaks clearly and is a good listener.

This is the reason for poor implementation: Reflecting on our own behavior and actively working on it is stressful, it takes time, and it is emotional and unnerving. It is what we call a big hairy problem.

So what do we do?
In her workshop, Jaana shares her insights on the top leadership skills for transformation and change, that leaders and change-makers need to develop (30 min) and everybody who is in the transformation business should take into account.

• Strategic storytelling for transformation and change
• Active Listening Level 3 (Scharmer)
• When to speak and when to be silent

In the following part of the session, we will share our leadership and transformation impediments and create solutions together (with liberating structures).